Parents Testimonials

I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the school authorities and teachers who are doing a great job during this pandemic.

As parents we had some concerns about online schooling, but these have been addressed by the dynamic educators who run this wonderful school. The school has a collaborative approach to help each child succeed. The energetic and caring professionals are responsive to every possible need of the child.

My son is learning, developing, and improving in his academics thanks to Veer Bhagat Singh International School and its dedicated staff.

Veer Bhagat Singh International School, is a school where learning is fun, interesting, and exciting. A school where feedback sessions with teachers are not about how the child is doing in his studies, but about who the child is, it’s about the social and emotional development of the child. A school that is truly child-centric in every sense of the word: A school where our children can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually – as fully functioning human beings. This school is like a Legacy for us.

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the entire Veer Bhagat Singh International School Team for planning and organizing the online classes so well.

A happy school of happy children!
Mrs. Applina V. Chadha
Parent of Darsh Chadha – Grade 4A
Before the online classes began, I had doubts about whether a 4 year old will be able to learn online. There were many questions in my mind. To my surprise Ansharah was very comfortable with online classes and she got used to it in no time. I believe this was possible only because of the efforts and pains the teachers put in.

The atmosphere of online class is so conducive for studies that Ansharah enjoys each and every session.

During this pandemic, children were confused and restless as they were always inside the house and couldn’t go out. The teacher was always available and ready to tackle any kind of issue which parents or the child was facing.

Online classes have become a place where kids are able to interact with each other. Even though it is online learning, we can clearly see the progress Ansharah is making and for this we are really thankful to Miss Ekta for all the efforts and hard work she has put in. As we are present during the session, we can see the way students are taught and the fun-filled environment of the class. I am very satisfied by this. The reason I wanted Ansharah to be in IGCSC board is met and I am rest assured that she is under the guidance of amazing teachers and an excellent institution.
Sana Sayed & Vasif Sayed
Parents of Ansharah – Prep 1
I would like to appreciate the present online classes and I feel they are the best mode of education in the present times. Saumya loves to attend classes and participates and interacts with the teachers and friends, as well. In these troubled times, online schooling sessions invite new enthusiasm and energy in the kids.

I congratulate the teachers and staff of Veer Bhagat Singh Vidyalaya for planning and executing these classes so well.
Mrs. Mugdha Karvir
Parent of Saumya Sagar Karvir – Jr. Kg. A
Firstly, I would like to thank you for a great school year. We as parents appreciate your hard work and dedication, as you have always gone an extra mile for us and our kids. They have learned so many things this term. You helped them as well as us with their readings, numbers and writing too. Had fun all along the way throughout the journey.

You taught them to be more confident which I wouldn’t have managed. Thank you for imbibing so much of knowledge to build a brighter future from your class. I especially loved how you always related classes with real life examples which helped our kids to absorb things much faster.

Thank you once again for being a great teachers. I just wanted to let you know what you both have been meant to us. At last I would just say, ”No words are amazing enough to describe what you have done to us…
Mr. and Mrs. Shetty
Parent of Ruthika Shetty, Kindergarten Section ent of Rashmi Prabhu, Grade 10
I am writing this email, to appreciate all the hard work that the school and particularly the teachers are putting in, to teach the children online, during this lockdown period. The online classes are going really smooth & are very well coordinated. The efforts from the teachers are commendable. The teachers are teaching very well and are so calm and patient with the children, helping them if they have any concerns.

My daughter had joined your school last year and she bonded so well with the teachers which helped her settle in her new school. As a parent I was very anxious and worried about this transition period because for us the school was new. I wanted my child to be comfortable and happy at her new school. Very soon my worries were put to rest and I was relieved of my anxiety because my daughter was all praises for her new school. I was happiest and felt proud of my decision the day she told me that she loves her new school more and she wouldn’t want to return to her old school.

I would like to express my gratitude to school and to all the teachers for all the commendable efforts put in. I would also to like to thank the school for this beautiful relationship which we are all a part of. I would like to extend my support and assistance if at all needed ever, now or in future. Thank you so much for everything.

Thanks and Regards,
Gritika Deepchandani
Parent of Aanya Deepchandani Grade 4

Ex-students Testimonials

Teachers at VBS have helped me mold myself into the person, I envision being. They were strict when they needed to be and loving as well. They always supported me, guided me on the right path, and encouraged me to do better than before, making school feel truly like a second home. All teachers have been very helpful and open to all doubts and questions. Teachers taught the portion as precisely as they could and advised me on how I can improve myself. Exams set by our teachers had a unique mix of difficult and challenging questions which helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, all teachers have helped me be who I am today and I would like to thank them with all my heart.
Riya Jaiswal
IGCSE Topper – March 2024 – 95%
Time flies quickly, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday that I graduated from Veer Bhagat Singh Vidyalaya (VBSV). However, today, we are celebrating 25 years of this institution, which has been a significant milestone in the lives of everyone associated with it. I feel privileged and honored to have been a student at VBSV for 12 years. From junior kindergarten to class 10, every year has been special and has contributed to the development of my personality.

VBSV played a pivotal role in shaping me into the person I am today, by providing me with education and equipping me with the skills necessary to face the world. I express deep gratitude to my Principal, Ms. Monica Bhatia, Secondary Coordinator, Ms. Rochelle Burgess, and former Primary Principal, Ms. Sonu Gandotra, for their unwavering guidance and support throughout my school life. My teachers consistently encouraged me to excel in all tasks and provided valuable insights for continuous improvement. Participating in school activities was always enjoyable. Being part of the Annual Cultural Day celebrations, Independence Day, and Republic Day events helped me develop my oratory skills and instilled the confidence to speak in front of a large audience. Representing Prerna house during the Annual Sports Day and other sporting events at school was a pleasure. It was an honor for me to represent VBSV at various inter-school events and external competitions. I was delighted to win the first prize at the P-Ward Science Exhibition and at BCG Unison for a group drama. I also had the opportunity to represent VBSV at a Marathi elocution competition where I won a consolation prize. These are a few cherished memories that I will hold dear for the rest of my life, and I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers for believing in me and encouraging me to give my best. I believe that VBSV has an exceptional teaching methodology. I thoroughly enjoyed solving Learning Sheets in class with my teachers. The Assignment Sheets helped me grasp the concepts taught in class, and the field trips conducted throughout the academic year provided practical knowledge. I consider myself blessed to have been part of VBSV, an institution that always motivated me to bring out the best in myself. In this 25th year of VBSV, I wish everyone at the school good health and good fortune. I am confident that the school office bearers, teachers, support staff, students, and alumni will continue to lead the school to new heights and greater glory.

Best Wishes!
Omkar Joshi
Batch 2011-12

Others Testimonials

It gives me immense pleasure and honour to be part of 76th Independence Day parade and cultural program. This school and it’s students have a very vibrant atmosphere and energy. I would like to thank the Management team and school faculty for arranging such a nice programme.

At last, I would urge each one of you to be honest with high moral values and high integrity.
Lt Cdr Govind Jha – INS Hamla
Chief Guest – Independence Day – 2023
On behalf of Mumbai Fire Brigade, I would like to thank the school management for arranging the safety awareness session. The staff members, security and other administrative staff are so cooperative and positive towards fire safety.

Thanks a lot.
Mr. Prashant Patil – Senior Fire Officer – Malwani Fire Station
Fire Safety Compliance session
Such a nostalgic moment to be a part of the school Annual Day as a Chief Guest. An emotional day at a personal level for me to come back to school in this manner. The teachers, their smile and the proud feeling in their eyes was my reward!

Going back feeling that I have achieved something in life….

Thank you for having me over. Proud VBSVian forever!
Mr. Kanwar Dhillon – Television Actor (VBS Alumni)
Chief Guest – Crescendo – Annual Cultural Day – Secondary section – 2023
The exhibition was a beautiful reflection of “Beautiful minds and innovative hands”.

The children and staff are so innovative that I could find everything that is required for nurturing a child. Thank you for inviting and presenting a real school of the new era.

Best wishes.
Dr. Rajmahendra Patil
Chief Guest – Effervescence – School Exhibition 2023

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