Students’ Activities

Based on an age appropriate educational plan, the school provides a wide range of activities for students. Co-Curricular activity enhances social interaction and self-confidence and also provides training to prepare students for the outside world. Activities planned for Gurukul Kindergarten are designed to give children ample scope for exploration, body coordination and growth, within a stress-free environment.

In our school, we provide a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for Primary and Secondary students based on their interest and ability.

Off-site Activity

The curriculum integrates first-hand learning through field trips, tours, educational excursions, and camps to enhance student learning. The students also enjoy the class picnic each year.


Coaching is offered for various activities outside of the students’ school hours for games and sports such as gymnastics, handball, basketball, throw-ball, football, athletics, etc. Various hobby classes are also offered like Volley ball, Karate, Athletics and Bharat-Natyam.

Scouts and Guides

Scouts and Guides are offered to all students which inculcate self-discipline, survival skills, and national pride.


A working day at the school commences with the morning assembly. Recitation of prayer songs in the morning assembly exercises a very ennobling influence on the minds of students. The school choir lends its grace and solemnity by singing devotional and patriotic songs. Short talks are given on a variety of subject such as hygienic habits, good manners, social service, great lives and important happenings in India and abroad.

Awareness Programmes

Seminars and interactions with eminent experts in various social fields are organized to generate awareness about the dangers of substance abuse, under-age driving, cyber-safety, road safety, noise pollution, etc. Students also participate in various competitions held by the Police and Education Department that generate responsible citizenship.

Workshops / Programs

Workshops on various topics are regularly held for students. Experts are invited to address the students and conduct workshops on topics like Cyber Safety, Motivation for Studies, Substance Abuse, Choosing a career, etc.

External Competitions

Regular qualitative and quantitative assessment needs to be done at the national and the international level in order to create a talent pool which can meet the challenges of the future. The students participate in various competitions conducted by prestigious organizations, setting standards and matching their abilities at the ward, district, state, national and international levels. To name a few – District Sports Authorities (DSO), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Energy and resources Institute (TERI), Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), Rajya Puruskar and Rashtrapati Puruskar, etc.

External Examinations

Students also participate in public examinations like Microsoft office Specialist Certification, State and National Talent search, International Olympiads, Math concept and Balvaidyanik (Science) exams.

Inter-house Competitions

The Student Council organizes a variety of competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents.


The integration of work and study is the key element in VBSIS. All the students are obliged to gain practical experience in the course of their academic education. The concept of Clubs is seen as an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good life long habits and cultivating a voluntaristic spirit. Club activities supplement academics and give the students practical training which they require in day to day life. In our school students can join Music, Language, Quiz, Science and Nature club as per their interest which gives an opportunity to the students to display their talent. The clubs offer myriad activities, opportunities to perform, and guest interactions. Students are enthusiastic members of clubs, working actively at building knowledge, responsibility and sensitivity.

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