Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to the new Academic Year!

In the new academic year, we are certain we will experience the same level of confidence from you and that you will continue to be our partners in this important task of keeping students constructively engaged and focused with their education.

Ms Anuradha Katial
Executive Director

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to the new academic year 2023-2024!

When we opened school in June 2022 in the post-pandemic world, we had expected that people – our students, parents and staff, would need support to adjust smoothly. And it was so. To all appearances, it would seem that life has gone back to normal, and yet so much has changed. The ‘new normal’ as it is called seems defined by an excessive engagement with technology, an increasing distancing from social relationships, and a deeper sense of disenchantment with meaning and purpose.

Our teachers underwent training sessions to reconnect with classroom teaching, student management, as well as their social-emotional response to personal life situations. They participated with fervour, their focus on students driving them to force themselves out of the post-pandemic mind-zone. Teachers observed many behaviours in students and parents that were a cause for concern. Students struggled to adjust with a classroom environment, with their peers, and with academic work. Teachers have literally gone beyond themselves to facilitate students and parents with their personal issues and bring them back on track. The counsellors of the CARE centre took up weekly sessions with students covering a vast range of topics under SELC – the social-emotional learning curriculum. The concerted effort was to refocus student attention to the future, and redirect their energy towards meaningful pursuits.

Yet, there is much to be done. Studies show that in this post-pandemic period, our children require guidance, discipline and a routine that builds in them a sense of safety and stability. Uncensored exposure to inappropriate content on OTT platforms at home has caused them to become confused, displaying inappropriate behaviours and language that adversely affect their social relationships with their peers and teachers. Screen time and screen content must be controlled, and limits established by parents so that students are guided back to age-appropriate occupations. At this time, parents and teachers need to model socially responsible behaviour and work closely together to ensure that children are engaged in meaningful curricular activity, and that their behaviour demonstrates respect for their teachers and peers in school.   

I am confident that we can work as a team and support each other towards the common goal of helping our children transition back smoothly to a ‘newer normal’ that can be redefined to focus on the inspiring values that are the foundation of human society, relationships that can only grow deeper and stronger, and the human spirit that believes in the goodness of all things.