Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to the new Academic Year!

In the new academic year, we are certain we will experience the same level of confidence from you and that you will continue to be our partners in this important task of keeping students constructively engaged and focused with their education.

Ms Anuradha Katial
Executive Director

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Academic Year 2022-23!

The last two years were fraught with turmoil for our students and teachers due to the pandemic. The situation called for immediate actions and decisions, and I would like to thank all the teachers and parents who navigated us successfully through these crises. “Team work makes the dream work” – never before has it been more meaningful and I am proud that here at our school, we have displayed exemplary parent-teacher-student synergy, leading to a model on-line/hybrid system in education. Your support and cooperation meant a lot to us. Thank you!

In the coming years, we all need to maintain some level of caution knowing that the threat of coronavirus has not completely ceased. Some of our systems will be maintained online, while new opportunities for students will find their way   into our almanac. Our curriculum plan integrates the best academic advantage for our students, and our teachers supersede their peers in their pedagogy. I urge you to ensure that you support your child’s studies at home so that our students learn the importance of regularity in studying and build in them an aspiration to be the best.

Based on global research, our school has introduced the Social-Emotional Learning curriculum (SEL) for all classes which will help students deal positively with their experiences and  build in them  the  resilience to effectively manage themselves    in all situations. We also bring to you new programmes and activities that are designed to make significant value-additions to their cognitive development and future choices. Equipping our students with world-class 21st century skills is our focus, because we know our students have the potential to make a real difference to the lives of people.

Your letters, emails and personal comments of appreciation have been our motivation and continue to energise my staff to exceed themselves in providing students with the best educational environment. We are looking forward to being with students again, guiding them to achieve excellence in academics and excellence in behaviour.