Student Council

Student council is a group of students elected by peers to participate in designated areas of school government. The council has been established to enable the student representatives to put forth their ideas vociferously. They participate in the planning of school events. They work with the school administration, parent organizations, student body to approve projects and initiatives for the school, students and local community. The Student Council mentors programmes for younger students, formulates extra-curricular activities, co-operates with school on development of school rules and regulations. Student Council members bring ideas, requests and feedback to the meetings and discuss the matter.

The council is an instrument of positive transformation for the students and serves as a primary learning ground before their initial steps in society.

Student Council members – Led by the School Captain, have an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of effective leadership, and the characteristic features of responsible studentship. The students of the Secondary section are given membership to one of 4 Houses of the school – Prerna, Jagruti, Pragati, and Avichal. The Student Council organizes a variety of inter-house competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents, resulting in House Trophies recognizing student behavior, sports prowess, participation in activities, and academic achievement.

Student Council 2022 – 23


School Captain

Utsav Raghuvanshi

011_VSS-19-094_HARSHIL GOSWAMI_1884

School Captain

Harshil Goswami

Sports Captain

Tanisha Khandawala

House Jagruti

018_VSS-12-020_AVIKA KEVAT_1969

House Captain

Avika Kevat

038_VSS-12-033_AKRITI SINGH_1945

Sports Captain

Akriti Singh

001_VSS-13-027_UMAIZA FATIMA_1767

Assistant Captain

Umaiza Fatima
015_VSS-13-046_APORVA MANE_1779

Assistant Captain

Aporva Mane

House Avichal

016_VSS-14-094_SREEPRIYA MENON_1924

House Captain

Sreepriya Menon

019_VSS-13-061_KAUSHAL NAIK_1927

Sports Captain

Kaushal Naik

014_VSS-14-058_THANUSREE MENON_1825

Assistant Captain

Thanusree Menon

003_VIG-17-031_ABHITI GUPTA_2068

Assistant Captain

Abhiti Gupta

House Pragati

001_VSS-12-043_BALA _1952

House Captain

Bala Sivan

024_VSS-12-035_AKRUTI MISHRA_1973

Sports Captain

Akruti Mishra


Assistant Captain

Nirmeet Khanderkar
016_VIG-13-005_SAI SHIRKE_2081

Assistant Captain

Sai Shirke

House Prerna

005_VIG-12-081_RIDDHIMA GHOSH_2029

House Captain

Riddhima Ghosh

014_VSS-12-028_ANANAYAH KOLI_1922

Sports Captain

Ananayah Koli

010_VIG-13-019_MANYA POOJARY_2075

Assistant Captain

Manya Poojary

017_VIG-19-040_RANEEM SOLKAR_2082

Assistant Captain

Raneem Solkar