Learning Music: A Perfect Support System for Students


“Standing in the hall of fame, And the world's gonna know your name 'Cause you burn with the brightest flame And the world's gonna know your name And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame.”Hall Of Fame - The Script.

Who doesn’t love music? Music is a force of positivity that binds all the people of this world, regardless of their nationality.Age, colour, caste, religion, etc. doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying a dance number.It brings the world closer together and connects people’s souls.

Music in India has been flourishing since time immemorial.The basic concepts of music such as shruti, swaras, alankar, raga and taal, were considered sacred and are known to enhance the mind & body of individuals. Our ancestors believed in this power of music and it was a significant subject for children even in those times.Providing a musical background to your child vivifies and gives a certain flow to his life. It improves hand-eye coordination, helps him multi-task and opens up the vocal chords. Here are a few more points on how music is beneficial for our children.

Improves Concentration:

Learning any musical instrument requires high levels of concentration as the mind has to work in sync with the hands and vice-versa. Students who are into singing have to memorize the lyrics perfectly and match the rhythm accordingly. All these activities require a lot of concentration and thus, learning music is the easiest way to improve concentration levels.Listening to songs and memorizing them is an effective way to improve the overall memory of your child. Memorizing something with a tune can help you remember it for a lifetime.

Emotional Development:

In India, we consider music as a sacred art that is learnt through a lot of practice and perseverance. The process of learning of this art develops a person emotionally as he becomes empathetic towards others. By exposing your child to the world of music, you will instil values such as empathy, compassion and care at a younger age.

Improves Language:

According to a research, learning music improves the left side of the brain that is known to process language and helps in absorbing messages. Keeping the research aside, when a child is learning music, he has to memorize and understand the meaning of its lyrics. By doing so, he comes across new words and phrases that are very rarely used thus improving his diction & vocabulary. He learns to enunciate difficult words in the correct way.

Helps Relieve Stress:

After a long session of studies, plugging in the earphones and enjoying a few songs is considered as a great stress-buster. Not only relieving stress but listening to songs also provide motivation to students and encourage them to work harder. You might often notice your child humming or dancing to his favourite number. Music uplifts mood and gives the required boost of energy after a tedious day.

It is not only about learning music or any musical instrument, but just listening to a few songs once a day can also do the trick. There are various studies and researches that show how effective music can be in an individual’s life but you will notice the positive changes yourself once you introduce your child to the world of music. So let’s step on the right note and embrace a life full of rhythm to help your child get on the right track!