Breaking The Social Media Bubble


The evolution of social media has paved way for a lot of creative minds to showcase their talent in front of the world. It has brought people from the remotest parts of the world closer together. It is an internet-based form of communication which has enabled users to have conversations, share information and build social connections. Last few years have been vital for social media where it has influenced youth a lot. In case of children, we may look at social media as a candy. It may look tempting with its bright colours and sweet taste but can cause a stomach ache if consumed in a lot of quantity. Gone are the days when children used to fight with their parents to let them play cricket or football for an extra hour. Now, children ask for an extra hour to spend their time on Facebook rather than wanting to go out and stretch their legs.

So, how to change this situation? How to make your child witness the world through his own eyes rather than through social media platforms?

Spend Time with your Child:

This is the most important thing you need to do if you want to rescue your child from the strangles of social media. Give your child your time but not in such a way that he feels burdened by your presence.Most of the children bend towards social media because they don’t have anyone to talk to. Start a conversation of their favourite topic to catch their attention. Give some importance to their interests and be their best friend.Talk to him about his friends, his worries, his day and anything else that you may feel is necessary.

Go on Outings:

The reason why Facebook and Instagram are in business is that they are a channel for your child’s curiosity to flow. They provide beautiful pictures of exotic travel destinations and your child starts imagining these places through the eyes of social media platforms, as it is more convenient. Plan an outing with your family and children to one of these destinations. This will feed your child’s curiosity and you will get to know your child better. Get them out in nature to explore and feel what it likes to be under the sun.

Focus on his/her Hobby:

The one thing that can lure your child out of his social media addiction is his hobby. Doing what he likes to do and being really good at it, will give him an immense amount of satisfaction. He will not care about how many likes or views his latest photo got but instead would want to go out and showcase his talent. Parents, especially during vacations, should encourage their children to take such hobby class which will keep them busy and make them forget about their phone.

Encourage him to Play Outdoor Games:

Sports are a saviour for all those who are addicted to social media. It not only ensures physical fitness but nourishes the mind too. It brings the children out of the bubble that these addictive portals create. It helps the children socialize, in the appropriate manner. Outdoor games like cricket or football will develop team spirit and leadership qualities. You can also encourage the children to watch cricket or football matches or any other sports he is interested in.

Bearing these factors in mind, one cannot deny that social media has become an essential part of everyone’s life. It may have its disadvantages but if used in a controlled environment, can be extremely beneficial. So, help your child break the social media bubble and make him appreciate the world through his own eyes.

Happy Holidays Folks!