Why do you need a hobby?


After a long, tedious day, we all need something that can help us calm down and relax. Whenever we feel low, engaging in some activity, that helps us uplift our mood, is quite necessary.

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What is Smart Studying & How To Do It?


A lot of students mug up answers at the last moment. This technique works for a lot of children but it isn’t the most effective one. When you mug up answers, you don’t really understand the concept or gain any kind of knowledge.

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Breaking The Social Media Bubble


The evolution of social media has paved way for a lot of creative minds to showcase their talent in front of the world. It has brought people from the remotest parts of the world closer together.

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Learning Music: A Perfect Support System for Students


“Standing in the hall of fame, And the world's gonna know your name 'Cause you burn with the brightest flame And the world's gonna know your name...

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Interactive Education: A step to boosting Child's confidence


In a constantly changing world, alongside parents, it is teachers who play the most important role - that of shaping minds and moulding future leaders...

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