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The IGCSE results brought cheer for all students and staff at Veer Bhagat Singh International School by registering cent per cent success. We heartily congratulate our students for all that they have accomplished and wish them great success in the future.

BCG is celebrating 30 years! Please send in your memories and experiences of BCG to for our special release in June 2018.

Admission forms for Cambridge International Board-CAIE for Grades 1 to 8 are available at the school office between 9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

The weekend rekindled many memories of 140 alumni who attended the alumni social. Few alumni shared their experiences and moments of their school life. The Inaugural session was followed by cultural programme by our alumni. Comperers made the evening very lively with light questions and answers. Few Alumni performed during the evening and mesmerized all with their display and won over hearts of many. Performances were electrifying and made alumni to lead back to nostalgic days of past, with the thunderous applause by the students reverberating the school premise. The faculty of VBSIS interacted with the former students, congratulating their achievements and wishing them luck.The whole ambience was sparkling with happy faces, enjoying food, friends and reminiscence followed by our Principal, Ms. Monica Bhatia's sincere appreciation to all the alumni for their presence wherein Ma'am mentioned that she was moved to see the spirit of alumni. She further highlighted the achievements of the school and its journey from inception till now. Couple of alumni mentioned how much they appreciated being in the school and how much this reunion meant to them. The first alumni meet witnessed the active involvement of the alumni, and a number of commendable suggestions and proposals came up. It was decided to strengthen the link between the current VBSIS students and alumni for their support in the area of training, career counseling and any other help. The alumni sincerely expressed their gratitude to the beloved Principal and staff for making this event a grand success. A few snaps uploaded will enlighten everyone and hope for another reunion shortly.

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Veer Bhagat Singh International School, Malad played host to Baylor International Academy, Nepal as a part of the student exchange program from 1 st to 6 th January, 2018. The initiative was taken by Ms. Monica Bhatia, the Principal of VBSIS.

Principal of BAI, Nepal Mr. Leon Shrestha headed the team of 3 teachers and 19 students.

There was a traditional welcome and introduction to the host families on day one of the exchange program. This helped to get an insight into the Indian family structure, values and dynamics, thus providing exposure to a different culture and cuisines.

The 6 days were action packed with a mélange of gastronomical extravagance of a variety of food and dances. The food was served in school. The cultural activities comprised of traditional dances, songs, skits, puppet show which filled the air, creating a festive mood. Our friends across the border reciprocated with their traditional dance, songs and presentation of the school values and facilities, which gave us an insight to their life.

Mumbai Darshan was next on the cards, to give a glimpse into the cosmopolitan life of our city, what it has to unfold, with its monuments, museums, beaches, Kora Kendra and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Along with it, a must do activity in Mumbai, shopping, was also taken care off.

A session on leadership was conducted by Mr. Leon Shrestha of Baylor International Academy. Interaction with council members cemented the session. They got an experience into the functioning of the school through classroom visits, participation in art activities and ISA project on conservation of water and electricity.

Interaction among the staff of both the schools was a fruitful session where they exchanged notes on the functioning, curriculum and evaluation pattern of different boards.

Baylor students and staff witnessed the opening ceremony of Athlein –Inter BCG sports Meet. They also participated in track and field events.

There was a curtain call on the 6 th of January where the Principals, students and teachers shared their experiences and mementos prepared by the students of VBSIS were handed over as a token of appreciation. The events were coordinated by Ms. Sneha Desai, ISA co-ordinator, Secondary section. The admins, staff and students of VBSIS worked like clock monk in harmony, to give them the experience and enrich themselves.

We are delighted to announce that our School has been ranked no.1 under the Top International Parameter - ‘Value for Money’ in the State of Maharashtra as per a survey conducted by Education  The Maharashtra School Merit Awards 2017 was held at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai. The ceremony hosted 200+ schools from various categories. The Award was published in the August edition of the magazine education today. Co Maharashtra School Ranking (Special Report).

VBSIS hosted a seminar on “Keeping Children Safe”.

Veer Bhagat Singh International School organised a seminar on ‘Child Safety’ including POCSO Act and Emotional Health of Children on 12th August, 2017 between 3 – 5 pm for the community. It was conducted by a qualified Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the field of education and School Counselling since 1990. It was attended by Heads and teachers of other schools, as well as parents of the community.

Our Principal Ms.Monica Bhatia attends a conference on “Leading Learning” at Cambridge UK

Our Principal, Ms. Monica Bhatia attended a Cambridge schools conference 2016 in Cambridge, United Kingdom where school leaders from across the globe explored the theme of ‘Leading Learning’ in depth.